Want to be an OUTTED sissy?

Are you one of those attention whore sissies?  I would actually be surprised if you weren’t—after all, my stable of sissies – sissy maids, sissy bimbos, girlfriend sissies and all the rest—seem to LOVE getting attention.

There are a few that shy away and only break out those sexy high heels , lipstick and lingerie in the privacy of their own room and locked doors.

But…what if you were outted?

What if your dirty little secret was released to the world? It could be something as simple as someone tweeting your name, or something as elaborate as posting on different social networking sites and contacting those closest to you.

Does that tickle your fancy and have your clitty leaking?

Do you think your family, friends and co-workers would humiliate you and laugh and point..or would they snicker behind your back…or would they just go on about their day to day because all you did was admit to something they all already knew. (perhaps your secret of being a femboy isn’t much of a secret at all)

These are just things that my sissies ponder and I LOVE having the option in my finger tips of outting you. I want people to know. I WANT to show you off.

Sissy Outting for Beginners:

Sissy Outting the Next Step:

Ultimate Sissy Outting:

While Id rather you joined me in outting yourself, I don’t mind forcing it upon you and putting you in situations that will likely leave you blushing and fumbling for the right words to say.

Could you imagine sitting at lunch with a girlfriend or group of ‘guy pals’ and I walk in…sit at the table, and just place a pair of panties on top. Ones that you KNEW belonged to you. I would quickly introduce myself as Lillith, and say I was a close friend of yours and then explain that the panties weren’t mine. Id follow up with the fact that YOU knew who they belonged to and sitting right there, we’d all await your response.

Let’s not forget, I’ll correct you if you stumble and try to fib, and id bring out the pictures I had take to show you in the same panties I placed on the table.

After outting you, Id giggle finish my drink and head out – of course Id be looking forward to hearing about your experience and the conversation that followed.

Have you been outted before my sissy? Is it something that you fantasize about? Leave a comment below, I want to know how you would picture this little rendezvous going down.

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10 thoughts on “Want to be an OUTTED sissy?”

    1. Because you love the thrill and humiliation of those that may have come across your secret in one way or another. 😉 Its a bittersweet excitement…isn’t it.

  1. I feel so sexy and turned on when I’m all dressed up like a little slut. I just want everyone to see me dressed like a whore and maybe get a hard cock in my mouth ?and one in my sissy pussy and fill me full of cum.?

  2. I’m ricky from crown point and have many pictures the thought of being outed is so humiliating.. I know id be the laughingstock and never get a date… I should be outed tho that’s what happens when your a wimp like me

  3. I am a sissy and I need to be exposed. I often post my pics online but then chicken out and delete them, but I secretly hope they have been seen!

  4. I’ve never been outed before I can feel it coming very soon! I know it’s a terrible idea, but I just have this overwhelming urge to submit all of my pics along with my real name and info and just daring anyone who sees them to do there worst!

    To anyone who has actually gone through with it, what ended up happening? It seems like for the most part we get all worked up about revealing our secret, but at the end of the day, no one actually cares. But you never really know.

  5. I am a closeted sissy and ohh I want to be outed so the world knows i am a sissy faggot crossdressing cock whore… I want to be dressed sissy and feminine 24/7 I want to be a submissive cocksucking cock riding Uninhibited faggot… I want to be used for sex 24/7 seanette55 @ outlook . com Buffalo/Tonawanda, NY

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