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Her first picture had no lipstick. I made her retake it WITH lipstick on. Every sissy needs lipstick

Sissy Exposure – a dish served when a sissy is starving and desperate. One that will do anything to grace the headlines for even just a moment. Dustin Brunke is an eager cock sucking sissy that needs the spotlight, craves the spotlight…LOVES the spotlight as much as she loves cock.

I think this eager little sissy thought headline was some euphemism for lining her tongue up with a cock and sucking the head.

I do believe that all sissies should be in the spotlight but even more so for the fun loving sissies that are REALLY ready to have some fun with it.

Sure anyone can get dressed, and add some pretty lipstick

But to add that cock in there. That cum is yummy to this sissies tummy

And look at the video tweet she posted – You can see just how eager she is.

She even captures it simply as…’my favorite’ perhaps its the dildo…but I think its just a big fat cock that is her favorite.

One of the reasons I always ask for videos to be SENT to me …is because I want to save them. If she EVER deletes the video tweet above…I’ll have it and can distribute it to anyone that asks. All you have to do is comment below and ask.

Sissies need to be out in the open, Once forced out there…they can never go into hiding again. Although, when you look at this cock hungry sissy whore…you can see that once she steps out…no cock is safe. But, I think any cock would be happy with that. Look how cute she is!

Lipstick stains from this sissy will be something that you would remember forever.

I have some fun plans for her – lets see if shes up for them.

What would you do with this spankable, fuckable/peggable ass? Do you prefer her lips or her ass? Maybe both.

She’s on twitter: @BetaDjb

Expose this sissy ~ Help Mistress Lillith shine the spotlight on this sissy.