Sissy Training

There are several ways to get your sissy training

You can become a student and train with my 12 week sissy training program. (it is customized and does require communication, each assignment is set to cover a weeks worth of instruction)

You can call in when I am available for your own unique sissy training session Call Button

You can also get sissy training in the form of ppv emails



What kind of sissy to you see yourself as?

A BFF sissy ~ A Sissy Bimbo Slut ~ A Sissy Maid ~ A Lesbian Sissy ~ A Curious Sissy ~ Some other type of Sissy?

Do you see yourself as more of a queen? And is it part time, in fantasy only, or do you hope to actually become a woman one day?

Each sissy is different, each sissy enjoys a different spin on things. I donโ€™t believe in the cookie cutter type trainings for my sissies. You all have a unique story to you and I love getting to know you .

Share with me your sissy story, and your desires (by submitting a sissy diary entry, I will give you a few tips and tricks to aid you in your training) and lets get you started on your sissy training journey.

What makes you want to be a sissy? What would you want out of your sissy training?


22 thoughts on “Sissy Training”

  1. I have been a closet transgender sissy for over 20 years . Started wearing girl close when I was 11 and if I learned anything , it would be each passing day my love for wanting to become a girl grows stronger . I know now I was born to be a sissy maid . I need to surrender myself to a woman or mistress who can help strip me of all my manhood and teach me to be a pretty prissy sissy for now on .

  2. Sissy looking for training, been looking for a long time and still have made no progress. HELP!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hello Iโ€™m rick and I would love to have you be my trainer I fantasize about it a lot wearing slutty lingerie and heels I get no sex from my wife so I jerk off a lot and I love the way a cock feels in my hand now I want to see what it feels like to stroke another mans cock or a shemales which is another big fantasy of mine

  3. i been a sissy girl my whole life.i always been on of the gurls cause my mommy dress me up and made me do all the chores in the i live in san francisco where i will be a submissive baby gurl/slave

  4. I AM A SISSY FAGGOT. Everyone calls me a sissy faggot,
    and they have been calling me this name since I was four years old, and would wear my sisters dresses and my mom’s sexy lingerie. I’m never going to be able to please a woman, sexually because my dick is just too damn tiny, I don’t care because I’m gay, and I love to suck cock.

    Now that I’m an adult, people still call me a sissy faggot and I love it. I can’t get enough humiliation about no longer being a man. I never was one, and I never wanted to be one..


  5. i been dressing since i was 12.. first time i put on my sisters panties and pantie hose.. fell i love with feeling and being girlie..
    they i got into talking to Mistresses… and while doing that i had sissies get my attention.. and seduce the sissy in me… thats all i thing about now 24/7

  6. i am trying hard to be good, but somehow i think i would give Mistress Lillith all my embarrassing pics if ordered

  7. i am trying to post a comment but can’t see it Mistress Lillith. SOmehow, Yo uhave me intoxicated, and i don’t drink

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