Sissy Diary Entry: Mantras

*Continuing with the sweet musings of my Sissy In Training ~ One of her first tasks was her mantras, listening to , memorizing them and REALLY living and feeling them **



The excitement of contacting Mistress Lillith and fantasizing about playing with and serving her messed up my sleep cycle a little bit. Multiple orgasms helped me calm down and relax some. Sleep returned eventually. Sleep is sometimes better then sex, but not always. Hopefully I’ll build up some tolerance to this!

Thinking about her post on being a Head Mistress, I logged on to my Niteflirt account and cleaned up my inbox, my favorites, and my chat history. There’s only Mistress Lillith now. In the featured listing section was a domme I had not noticed before. I clicked on her page and there were some amazing looking erotic hypnosis goodies that I had the urge to buy. Nope. A pleasurable wave of erotic humiliation fell over me as I thought about being denied, being trained… being owned and kept.

The Sissy Slut Mantras are fun. Soft, sweet whispers. My favorite are towards the end of the track:

I am a sissy. 

Being a sissy is my true self.

I will embrace my true self.

Especially the “I am a sissy” one. There’s something about the inflection and the tone.

I’ve listened, as instructed, for around an hour a day (sometimes more, sometimes less, always more than 20 mins) every day since they arrived. With one exception I’ve also listened, as instructed, before falling asleep. The one exception was as a background track while doing something else. But… thinking about a retweet on her twitter:

“If at first you don’t succeed, try doing what your Mistress told you to the first time.”

So now I listen before or while falling asleep (or while taking a bath, but I don’t take baths).

Twice I listened while wearing panties. The second time I fell asleep with the mantras still playing in my ear. I awoke incredibly horny. Laying on my back I spread my legs and began rubbing myself through the panties with my palm. Waves of pleasure crashed over me as the arousal built. I pulled up her Niteflirt profile picture and stared into her eyes. Faster. Soft moans of pleasure. She looks right at you, the subject of the picture not an object–in control. So much dominance, and lust. The words “Mistress Lillith” on my lips at climax, my panties soaked.

I’ve had many go through training and many that start with decent blog entries, so far, this sissy in training has had the most thoughtful responses thus far. Let’s see if she can make it through the bulk of her training or better yet — all the way until the end. 

There is a method to my madness…it is to build a foundations. Sissies like to purge, and while that is another post itself, my goal is to build a foundation so when the inevitable purge happens, and you inevitably go BACK to your sissy self (you’ll never purge indefinitely, you will always go back) – you’ll have your foundation to build from. It wont all be lost. The Sissy Mantras are the first step in building an unbreakable foundation. 

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