Sissy Diary Entry: Kaycee in Chastity

This is the posting of a sissy diary entry made by Kaycee. Edited for clarity, some names withdrawn from the posting ~ No pictures submitted with this diary entry.

Dear Sissy Diary:

I am in the chastity phase. I need help. Begging for a Mistress to help train this novice sissy slut.

i am wearing a pink dress, nude pantyhose with white ankle sox. My ass is stuffed with an 8″ realistic dildo. I am locked in a chastity cage under my silky pink panties.

Please Mistress Make me your bitch. I suck- I mean I’ll do anything for you.

My mind and body are yours if you’ll take charge of my life and free me from decisions.

I am easily hypnotized with a wide assortment of trigger phrases. “CUNT FACE NOW” is my current trance. I am lying on my back with my left leg up over the back of the couch.

I picture you pounding me as I thrust my beautiful dildo in and out of my ass.

My last Mistress reprogrammed me in one weekend. We drove 3 hrs north to a little beach town. It was known for its private beeches where anything goes.

We got adjoining rooms and Mistress took the bigger suite. I accepted Her directional nod and went to the bathroom.

“Take a shower”, she said. I heard the TV come on as I took off my clothes.

I thought I heard the door close again and asked” Miss”? “Yeah, toss me your clothes”. I threw my shorts, sox, underwear and t shirt out-side the bathroom door.

I was about to turn off the shower when the shower door opened and my Mistress entered.

“Stand against the wall with your arms out kay. I’m going to let you use my moisturizer” I smiled slightly remembering the sweet odor.

Mistress said “this kind has a delayed reaction. It smells bad until it gets rinsed”

She lied of course.

I guess this sissy seems to be slightly desperate for a mistress to serve. The best place to find cries for help is in a diary. LOL. Also seems as though this story may be missing a few parts. The moisturizer…was it a soft scented moisturizer or was it nair? The part about the delayed reaction and a bad scent until it is rinced had me believing that it is NOT moisturizer, but nair. Removing the body hair from you.

Hairless sissies are always much better ~ Hope you had a good trip to the beach sissy!

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