Exposed Sissy – Oliver Wilson-Shaw

When eager sissy beavers submit for complete sissy exposure – they find themselves on the edge of their seats. Waiting. Watching.

The same can be said of Sissy Oliver here.

You will rarely find me posting complete exposure right away unless they are live on the phone or in a skype session with me. Why? Because I get off on the power exchange of it all. I know you are chomping at the bit and I want you to sit and stew. I want your obsession to grow and see if it will grow or if you will find yourself regretting the decision to become exposed.

My blog is forever. I have no reason nor desire to really take anything down and even if they paid the very high fee for the picture removal REQUEST, the written words themselves will never be removed and the REQUEST is just that…a request. I reserve the right to deny it. I have a couple of times.

I want to shed the light on you. I want you to be exposed. Sissies need to be exposed. Sissies may purge, Mistress Lillith will not.

Once again you are being re-introduced to Sissy Oliver Wilson-Shaw.

Sissy Oliver Wilson-Shaw

“ My full name is Oliver Wilson-Shaw. I have been exposed before and tried to purge. This time I want it to be for real. 

I am not a cock loving sissy. Just a lingerie wearing, don’t own any male underwear, married wannabe cuckold type of sissy.

I frequently wet myself deliberately and publicly just the danger of getting caught by someone I know is a pure thrill.

If my wife knew the full extent of my perversions I probably wouldn’t be married anymore.

I have been using phone sex to get off for years “

Using phone sex and an array of panties and lingerie. LOL I’m also thinking at some point if the panty wetting gets too extreme I may have to introduce Sissy Oliver Wilson-Shaw to some sissy diapers and plastic panties. I think there is something to work with here for Oliver Wilson-Shaw.

Panty and lingerie wearing is only a part of it. It’s time to grow.

I know what is best for my dear sissies. I only have your best interests at heart and the best of intentions…even if you don’t know what’s good for you.

What is good for Sissy Oliver Wilson-Shaw? What is it that this sissy needs?

Oliver Wilson Shaw

To feel the warmth of the spotlight shining down on here – ultimately…permanently.

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