Exposed: Sissy Cumslut colton

Being a sissy cumslut is a dirty job. Best to NOT do that in the proverbial closet.

It’s always a good idea to clean out the closet whenever you get a chance. For one, I’m a bit of neat freak and two…there is so much more room for all things sexy and femme in your closet once you remover yourself from it.

Colton here is on the right track. She claims she is a closeted sissy but the truth is, she is going to be expelled from said hypothetical (And possibly literal) closet. It makes me giggle that she goes through her Fiancé’s closet for the best outfits. She is choosing date night outfits for herself because obviously she is meeting up with random men she finds online and via different apps. I wonder what outfit her fiancé would choose for her? I bet her fiancé regularly picks out her own outfits to go meet real men to hook up with too. Clearly they have some common ground. LOL

Sissy Colton even admitted to stealing and dressing in her Mother in Law’s panties and dresses – then would go out and fuck men, bare back. Colton is the poster girl for sissy cum slut whore. Im not sure how she ever thought she could really hide in the closet, but It’s my privilege to expose her for the true sissy she was meant to be.

Some of her fondest memories are of her in your Mother in Law’s lingerie, dancing and prancing around the room playing with that clit stick and masturbating. She shared some other dirty deeds too but some a little too naught to share here. (involves tampons, I’ll let your minds wander with that)

Colton was never a real man and really has always been a cum slut sissy. How else could she explain being fucked by more men then women? Hell, the number of men she has fucked is less than the number of women she has kissed. She says her Fiancé doesn’t know…but…I’m willing to be she knows. Oh, she knows.

She knows what a cock sucking cum guzzling dumpster slut of a sissy you are. She’s probably just waiting for you to admit to it so she can exploit you more and probably cuckold you with real men…or perhaps even share a man or two.

Enjoy being expelled from the closet and exposed indefinitely!

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