Diary Submissions

Everyone is welcome to make a submission to sissy diaries. I do however, have expectations and standards so make sure to read them and understand them before sending in an entry.

1)      Entries MUST contain AT LEAST 250 words, well written and be your own words. I will check to make sure it is not copy written somewhere out on the internet. No plagiarism boys and girls 😉

2)      Pictures will be allowed to accompany the post , only minimal nudity is allowed.  I reserve the right to NOT post the photos. You also agree that you are the copyright owner of the photos and release all copyright to me. Nothing Trashy~ (no matter how slutty you are!  If you MUST show off your sissy bimbo acts—if you become a trainee I will give you the link to the private tab for you to have those posted;) ). Picture will ONLY be of YOU and no other parties unless I have their written consent.

3)      You may write about anything your little girlie mind can think up.  Note that all submissions are subject to editing.

4) Submissions will be scheduled to be posted and I will respond with the date of the schedule. Understand that if you make a submission without a tribute, then your submission is second priority to the paid positions. Paid positions remain at the top for at least a week. I make no promise to how long the posts will remain at the top.

5)      When you make a submission include an actual email address, I will respond to when it will be posted and I have any questions. Your email will NEVER be posted or used for anything other than confirmation of your submission. Invalid emails make the entry invalid and may not be posted.

6) I reserve the right to edit posts as necessary and as I see fit

7) The posts are forever. Once posted it will not be taken down without financial compensation for my time. I understand extenuating circumstances where you may find yourself in a bind- there is a $100 consideration for removal fee.  That fee can only be paid via Niteflirt.

8 thoughts on “Diary Submissions”

  1. i am sissy cs love to dress smooth body hair makeup as well need to work on mannerisms and walk would love to be trained as a sissy maid total obedience and willling to be collared ,gagged ,chaisty.bondage,humilation,spanked tilll my asss is good and red please.i would be willing to serve others as you desire .would need to be kept in 24/7 cd so i may become more MIchele sissy ,to serve at my Mistress will,and finally plugged and put in chaistity to be used as Mistress sissy whore.thank you Mistress

  2. Hello. I love sissy diaries and was hoping to add a diary submission or two. Where do I post my diary entry? Thank you.

  3. im sissy bernice here in the uk and i like to do phone sex for men as im such a sissy fairy , and a powderpuff
    as i like to wear lots of ladies nice things like nighties , stockings and heels etc .and feel free to expose me on social media and tell all your friends in the uk as to the sissy faggot i am . i have pics of me to add also or you can e-mail me for more pics .

  4. I think it’s the one of the exposures I’ve had done it definitely gets your name up there in the search engines knowing it will never be deleted only used to humiliate me even more

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