Sissy Diary Entry: Lisa the fashion lover

Today is an entry from a Fashion loving sissy, Lisa (aka Mark McCreadie ) that likes to shop until she drops and enjoy an evening showing off her new threads.

As a sissy, I absolutely love going shopping for new dresses, skirts and lingerie.

There is something magical about picking out nice outfits and trying them on. Since the first time I pulled on a pair of my Mums knickers all those years back I have been absolutely hooked on all things femme.

As a sissy there is nothing better than getting home and trying on all your new purchases.

I have already been exposed on sissy diaries in the past ( Exposed Sissy Lisa ) and let me tell you it is a wonderful experience and makes you crave so much more exposure.

Living in a big city it allows you to shop in so many wonderful shops and see other ladies browsing such lovely items.

A sense of jealousy always comes across you as you want to be dressed exactly as they are at that moment. At least you can always have a bra and panties underneath yucky men’s clothes. Getting home and having little fashion shows really makes you feel feminine and gives such an amazing buzz.

Who doesn’t love a nice tight skirt with a pair of wonderful tights, oh it’s just so exhilarating when you slip in to a pair of heels. Us sissies just wish we could leave the house and be dressed like that forever

I have added this photo of my favourite skirt that I purchased last month. I love the detail and how it complements a nice pair of tights.

Thank you Mistress Lillith for allowing us this wonderful place to submit our exposure.

You are quite welcome my dear. Sissies need a place they can be exposed and hide in plain sight. It is a virtual stepping out, virtually stepping out of the house – dressed like the pretty little sissy that you are.

Fashion shows are some of my favorite cam sessions – when I have my sissy girls on a bit of a cat walk, dancing around, flashing off those new outfits they’ve picked up. You get to feel like your beautiful sissy self.

I would encourage you to step out wearing at least SOME fem attire. Pretty panties underneath, sexy nylons. If it is sweater weather you could possibly get a way with wearing a bra. Be a daring sissy and see your sissy world brighten and expand. ?