Sissy Bimbo Slut Training

It’s that time of year sissy sluts and bimbos!

When the sweaters and pants are being put away and the shorty shorts are coming out, the sun dresses, the low cut cowl neck dresses and every other piece of clothing that covers the least amount of skin.

It’s the season of the sissy bimbo slut!

You need to know how to walk the walk, and talk the talk—not to mention look the look.

I would love you in a pair of wedge heel strappy sandals, in a nice floral halter top dress serving my Mistress friends and myself –

It would be perfect to take out my 8 and half inch red strap on and shove it into that sissy ass stretching it for the next REAL man to have plenty of room.

When I have you making cocktails—I will be referring to more than just a fruity alcoholic beverage.

Start your Sissy Bimbo Training today, and share your sissy story.