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Sissy Crossdresser April Exposed

Many sissies crave exposure, for me…it is only fun with PERMANENT exposure. That means YOUR pictures, YOUR story, YOU are placed on my blog or website indefinitely. No going back.

Today we have Sissy April ~ always and forever an resident of Sissy Diaries. She needs exposure – constant exposure. The more that see her, and spread her story – the more she will understand that there is NOT going back.

The internet is forever, and so is Mistress Lillith’s Sissy Exposure.

Word from Sissy April: “I am seriously addicted and conditioned to love my sissy crossdresser exposure that I can only cum by being exposed while wearing panties, stockings bra, slip, heels and either a nightgown or skirt”

Sissy April was formerly known as Thomas M  Cozart from Wilson, NC

She loves the feel of her nylons covering and caressing her legs. Getting all dolled up is the highlight of her day – and anytime she is exposed its like Christmas all over again for her. She loves the feeling of being exposed ESPECIALLY as she sees her exposure WHILE she is dolled up and enjoying her sissy self.

Her ex-wife likes to keep tabs on her, so this is Sissy April also saying ‘HEY! I’M STILL A SISSY’ – She wants the world to know. She wants her ex-wife and boss to know too. Why not send them an email:

Exposure is a sure way to fully accept your sissy lifestyle. The more you are exposed, the more it is embedded into you as something that you will NEVER be able to backpedal on or change –

Perhaps you have seen the many re-tweets of Sissy April – from Mistresses like myself, and even other sissies are having fun exposing her. Go and follow: @sissycdtv – find my tweet and others and tweet them out 😉

You could also grab this link and email it to Sissy April’s boss and wife. (Just click on the emails below and a box will pop up for you to send a message 😉  )  Show the pictures, start the conversation – well keep it going that is.








Do you want to be a permanently exposed sissy on my blog? Give me a call or shoot me an email 😉